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    We offer premium rehabilitaton equipment to our customers in China. Brands we offer include Proxomed, Milon, Novotec, cardioscan, Extrazell, and Weyergans  from Germany; Biodex and AlterG from the US, LymphaTouch from Finland, MediTouch from Israel, Vibramoov from France, and Sensopro from Switzerland.

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    ADDRESS:2F, Building 6, No.3 District, Hanwei International, No.186 West Road of South 4th Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, China 

    TEL: (86)10 - 6370 1942      EMAIL: info@soreha.net

    Fax:(+86)10 – 6370 1941
    Tel:(+86)10 - 6370 1942