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    Tergumed 710

    Spine function test training system

    The treatment recommended in modern back pain rehabilitation studies is a combination of active muscle training and passive pain treatment.

    The Tergumed 710 Spine Function Test Training System is a system equipment that implements the advanced back active rehabilitation concept for spinal function testing and training.

    The Tergumed 710 Spine Function Test Training System consists of five workstations, back stretch, extension, rotation, side flexion and cervical vertebral, and can be controlled by an integrated console for testing and training of lumbar function in all parts.



    • 5 sets of lumbar and cervical strength testing and training equipment

    • Visual biofeedback isometric and isotonic training

    • Isometric, isotonic test, spinal range test

    • Human anatomy and biomechanical position fixation

    • Automatic weight sensing and display, 0-80kg, 1kg / file

    • Support IC card system, Tergutrain training plan software, real-time central monitoring

    • Automatically compare with reference values and generate individualized training plans

    • German certification and manufacturing


    Tergumed 710 spinal function test training system

    • ●①Back extension training system

    • ●②Forward bending training system

    • ●③Lateral flexion training system

    • ●④Rotation training system

    • ●⑤Cervical spine training system


    Scope of application

    Tergumed 710:

    • Chronic lower back pain

    • Non-specific low back pain

    • Postoperative or conservative treatment of lumbar disc herniation

    • Rehabilitation after other spine surgery

    • Osteoporosis rehabilitation

    • Rehabilitation of cervical spondylosis

    • Rehabilitation after cervical spine surgery

    • Rehabilitation of whiplash injury of cervical spine

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